Ambrogio Colombo is a company that counts on a century-old experience and at the same time is believed to provide an increasingly attentive service to the needs and targets of customers. The careful selection of materials, the friendliness and reliability of our team, the rapid and efficient productive processes and a competitive offer are the values that allow us to help you save time and seize new opportunities.

We are able to meet the needs of customers active in various industrial sectors and in particular in the traditional mechanical and computer numerical control, and in the rubber and plastic molding. The catalogue of non-ferrous metals covers the needs of packaging, aeronautics and automotive areas where, in particular aluminum, thanks to the high ratio strength / weight and thermal and electrical conductivity, is the preferred material for the construction of engines, pumps, pistons, wheels, truck bodies and bodywork elements.

Our aluminum products are also widely used in the manufacture of structures for vertical signage and sceneries for the theater and the show. In recent years, Ambrogio Colombo has developed a line of profiles and accessories for the green energy.

Our company offers a wide range of specialized services that include custom cutting, water jet cutting, sevices of anodic oxidation, and painting. The delivery of goods is handled with affiliated drivers.

Sede Ambrogio Colombo S.R.L.