Dicembre 2016

The birth

The company was founded in Milan in the early decades of the ‘900 for the trade of aluminum and non-ferrous metals in Milan, and for the production of aluminium tools such as pots, plates, bottles, tins, coffee and syringes in the controlled society “Metallerie Toscane”, based in Florence.

The Social commitment: support for research

Strongly rooted in the productive and social environment of Milan, in 1925 participates with a large donation in the foundation Ente Morale Vittorio Emanuele III National Institute for the Study and Treatment of Cancer in Milan, now the National Cancer Institute of Milan: Fondazione IRCCS.

The specialization

At the end of World War II, with the closing of the Tuscan headquarters, Ambrogio Colombo leaves the aluminium cookware industry, specializing in trading of non-ferrous metal in semi-finished products.

The social commitment: A new hospital pavilion

In the fifties, faithful to the tradition of social commitment, gives the pavilion “Adele and Ambrogio Colombo” to Saint Anthony Hospital of Gallarate (Milan).

The first expansion

In the sixties opens a new warehouse in Cernusco sul Naviglio (MILAN) to meet the increased market demand and its need for greater quantities of goods in stock.

The second Expansion

At the end of the nineties again expands the availability of material with the opening of a store in San Colombano al Lambro (MILAN), equipped with an automatic computerized warehouse. The new venue allows to serve with greater efficiency and speed our customers.


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