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Ambrogio Colombo is a Milan-based company that boasts centuries of experience in the processing of aluminum and non-ferrous metals. It is constantly committed to providing a service that is ever more attentive to the needs and objectives of its customers. The careful selection of materials, the friendliness of our team, the rapid and efficient business processes and a competitive offer are the values ​​that distinguish us.

Semi-finished metal products for industry and handicrafts

We are able to satisfy, from stock, the needs of customers active in various product sectors, in particular in traditional and numerical control mechanics and in rubber and plastic moulds. The non-ferrous metal catalog covers the needs of different industries. From packaging, to aeronautics, to automotive. Aluminum, thanks to its high strength/weight ratio and thermal and electrical conductivity, is the material of choice for the construction of engines, pumps, pistons, wheels, truck sides, vans and bodywork elements.

Our products in aluminum and non-ferrous metals are also widely used in the construction of structures for vertical advertising and in the preparation of exhibition stands, scenography for theater and entertainment. In recent years, Ambrogio Colombo has developed a line of profiles and accessories for the renewable energy sector.

Finally, our company offers a wide range of specialized services which include cutting to size, both with disc and band saws, water jet processing, anodic oxidation services, both decorative and thick, and painting. The delivery of the goods is managed with its own vehicles in Milan, throughout Lombardy and in the neighboring provinces. For other destinations we count on the support of authorized hauliers.

Our story


The Second Expansion

At the end of the 1990s, the availability of material expanded again with the opening of a warehouse in San Colombano al Lambro (MI), equipped with an automatic computerized warehouse. The new location allows us to serve our customers more efficiently and quickly.


The First Expansion

In the sixties he opened a new warehouse in Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI) to satisfy the increased demand of the rapidly developing market and the relative need for greater quantities of goods in stock.


Social Commitment: a new hospital pavilion

In the fifties, faithful to the tradition of social commitment, he donated the "Adele and Ambrogio Colombo" pavilion to the Sant'Antonio Abate Hospital in Gallarate.


The Specialization

At the end of World War II, with the closure of the Tuscan office, Ambrogio Colombo abandoned the food sector, specializing in the trade of semi-finished non-ferrous metals.


Social commitment: support for research

Strongly rooted in the productive and social fabric of Milan, in 1925 she participated, with a substantial donation, in the foundation of the Moral Body Istituto Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele III for the Study and Treatment of Cancer of Milan, now the National Cancer Institute of Milan: IRCCS Foundation .


The birth

The company was founded in Milan in the first decades of the 1900s for the marketing of aluminum and raw non-ferrous metals in the Milan office and of commonly used tools such as pots, plates, water bottles, mess tins, kettles for syringes, etc. in the subsidiary Metallerie Toscane, based in Florence.


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